Turning Down the Heat: Lower Heating Costs for Larger Buildings

It may well be April, but it’s certainly not springtime. As usual, the great British winter is lasting longer than expected, filtering its cold fingers into April and beyond with wet showers and grey afternoons. I hate to say it, but it won’t be long until autumn will be bearing down upon us, all barren branches and dark evenings that bring with them increased heating prices and financial concerns.

Apologies for the rather bleak outlook, but the subject of interior heating – particularly with regards to large public buildings such as schools, museums, and libraries – is an extremely important issue, and for anyone looking to control and improve an already tight budget, it is an issue that should be explored thoroughly.

One of the most cost-effective ways of keeping heating costs to a minimum is to employ electric underfloor heating. Not only is the process now remarkably affordable, but it is also an accessible and unobtrusive way of creating space in a cluttered office or a packed classroom. Electric cables can be installed underneath most existing floorings, and by evenly spreading out the source of heat, a far more balanced method of temperature control can be achieved.

If, like many existing buildings, the practice of ripping up carpets and disturbing floor spaces is simply not an option, then there is another possibility which could be worth exploring. Using a self-regulating heating cable is a technique that is becoming increasingly popular in the current economic climate, and has proven to be beneficial with regards to effectively reducing heating costs. Insulating your existing pipework with a self-regulating device not only ensures a minimum of heat loss, but also creates a durable frost protection that can reduce the risk of frozen or burst pipes in the icy months of winter.

The decision over which method to employ will ultimately be decided by building requirements, legal guidelines and the needs of the people who use your building, and the right choice will always be the most suitable choice. Heating costs need not be so high, and by employing one of the techniques mentioned above, you can help to reduce spiralling costs and improve heat efficiency in an affordable and eco-friendly way.
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